Stress Management

The ability to manage stress is more important than ever. Between work, family, and other pressing commitments feeling overwhelmed is becoming part of the daily routine. Most times we don’t notice the impact that stress can cause on our mental and physical health until it’s too late.
Here are a few tips to help manage and reduce stress. 
  1. Exercise - Working out regularly is one of the best ways to reduce stress while also improving your overall mood. 
  2. Relax your Mind - Take a hot bath, enjoy a massage, listen to your favorite music, try yoga or another stretching technique. 
  3. Breathe Deeply - Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine you're in a place of relaxation, slowly take deep breaths. Do this for 5 or 10mins.
  4. Practice Healthy Eating - Eating healthy foods that are not processed or full of artificial sugars improves your overall health which is beneficial for maintaining stress.
  5. Take a Break - Walk away from the project, environment or whatever is causing the stress. Allow yourself a few minutes to recharge. 
  6. Develop a Healthy Habit - Try Meditation, taking daily walks in nature, reading a book, cooking, baking, or learn Tai Chi. 
  7. Talk it Out - Talking through the stress and problems of your day with someone you trust is a great way to release negative energy. 
  8. Be Kind to Yourself - Self Love is a great way to release stress. Remind yourself that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Punishing yourself only adds to the stress you’re feeling already. 
  9. Eliminate Your Triggers - Figure out what the biggest causes of stress are in your life. Once you determine what they are…if you can…remove the cause of the stress. If you cannot remove the stress try your best to reduce it. 
  10. Rest  - Take a few days off work, go to your favorite place of relaxation and just relax. 



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