About Us

Blacker the Berry Health & Wellness was started for the sole purpose of Self-Healing. 

For years I had been putting my own body through trauma with poor eating habits and massive amounts of stress and was consumed by negative energy. 

I was suffering from ANXIETY, ARTHRITIS, BELL'S PALSY, COSTOCHONDRITIS, and DEPRESSION just to name a few. I also noticed that a large majority of the people I love were also struggling with physical and mental illnesses like depression, life crippling anxiety, cancers and a host other physical illnesses. 

After countless doctor visits where I was offered some type of pharmaceutical drug before an actual examination, I decided it was time to take a deeper look at the root of my own personal struggles and the struggles of those around me. 

I noticed a few things commonly shared with those suffering and those things were poor, unhealthy eating habits, poor stress management and what I feel to be the most common and in some situations, the most important, a life consumed by negative thoughts and energy. 

Often, we don’t realize how important and how closely related our thoughts are to the strength of our mental and physical health. When we fill our minds with negativity, our bodies absorb and translate those thoughts into negative energy.  

Negative energy is like a cancer. It eats away at your mind and consumes your body until that negative energy transforms into disease, illness, and for some...it transforms into life crippling mental illnesses. 

Blacker the Berry Health and Wellness makes it our mission to reconnect the MIND and SPIRIT with the PHYSICAL SELF to create a SELF-LOVING, WELL NOURISHED, POSITIVE HEALING environment by focusing on NATURAL healing principles and techniques. 


   BTB Berry Queen

LOVE the BODY you LIVE in.